About CISP

The mission of the Center of Intelligent Society and Policy(CISP) is to promote, support, and conduct policy-relevant research in the context of the intelligent information society. Challenges around new emerging technologies (e.g., AI and big data technologies), increasing public distrust in governments, and complex urban problems need a specialized professional community. CISP provides a plethora of opportunities to delve deeply into and discuss the challenges for students, scholars, and practitioners.

In order to achieve its mission, CISP has a number of academic and practical responsibilities as follows. First, CISP establishes a specialized professional community to train, fund, and support creative next-generation scholars. Second, CISP contributes to evidence-based policy support toward governments. Finally, CISP spreads its accumulated research to the global community of public policy, public management, and digital government.

Since 2021, CISP is currently supported by the Institute Programs in the Humanities & Social Sciences of the National Research Foundation of Korea. The purpose of the program is to foster research institutes for specialized research dedicated to problem-solving, strategic regional research, or pure academic research. Prior to joining the program, CISP had also successfully concluded 10-year-long research projects funded by the Social Science Korea (SSK) grant program of the National Research Foundation of Korea.

Research Areas

1. Research on intelligent service innovation for solving urban problems
To present innovative means of urban public service delivery based on intelligent information technology, CISP conducts studies on (1) the application of digital twin technology, (2) urban services using artificial intelligence (AI), and (3) government responsiveness to emerging social divide and subsequent problems within cities.

2. Research on institutional innovation for the implementation of intelligent city models
To support the ideal implementation of intelligent city models, CISP conducts studies on new data governance, cybersecurity, and privacy issues as well as the digital divide. CISP proposes innovative institutional changes to deal with these prevalent matters.

3. Development and application of intelligent city and digital government indices
CISP develops an intelligent city index as well as a digital government index for worldwide comparison of different countries and metropolitan areas. Along with the development of indices, CISP suggests international adoption of the Korean intelligent city model through ODA projects and overseas expansion.

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